Welcome to Murty Pharmaceuticals

Murty Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("MPI") is a pharmaceutical research and development firm that specializes in novel formulations of new and existing chemical entities conducted in strict conformance with applicable cGMPs. For solid oral dosage forms, MPI can develop robust manufacturing processes for exhibit and commercial batches and can manufacture clinical supplies to meet any client requirements. In addition, MPI provides regulatory support for submissions of NDAs, ANDAs, INDs, and CMCs from the onset, thereby reducing the need for redundant studies and reducing total costs of development.

Located at 518 Codell Drive, Lexington, Kentucky is MPI's 17000 sq. ft. facility. MPI's facility is FDA-registered and inspected, and maintains appropriate licenses with the DEA and the State Pharmacy Board. The facility comes equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory containing a variety of modern instrumentation, two manufacturing suites, secure warehouse space, and well-equipped office space. In addition, MPI recently acquired an adjacent, 5,600 sq. ft. facility located at 533B Codell Drive, which presently houses MPI's support services such as accounting/finance and IT functions. The newly acquired facility also readily offers additional space for future expansion of manufacturing and warehouse functions.

The firm recruits highly qualified researchers with specialized skills in disciplines such as organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, and pharmaceutical technology. All scientists receive extensive training in drug delivery systems, formulation development, analytical method development, stability assessment, QC, RA, and cGMP compliance.